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Tactical Soccer New Update Released!

What’s new: Users now can create an account within app. (demo account) Extended functionality of calendar (event can be marked to the specific days of the week or date of month and be repeated weekly or monthly). Exercise now can be cloned into user account, even if it is marked as public. Objects used in […]

Warm Up 17

• The first player in line of each group dribbles through the cone goal to his left and then returns to his group. • Next player repeats sequence. • Run activity for 3-5 rounds. • First group back to its original position wins. NFHS Network NSCAA Tactical Boards  

Soft Touches

• The first player in line self passes his ball towards first line. • Next he retrieves the ball and touches it with the inside of his right and left foot as many times as possible until he gets to the next line where he self passes the ball again to the next line. • […]

Pair Shooting with Defender

• On coach’s command first player from each line dribble zig zag around cones and then pass to each other before they are allowed to shoot on goal. • Defender attempts to prevent at least on attacker from shooting. • Players waiting in line pass to each other until their turn comes up. NFHS Network […]

Hot Zone Shooting

• The first player dribbles at the defender who is inside the hot zone. • Objective is to dribble around the defender and finish on target from inside the hot zone. • The shooter now becomes the defender and defender gets back in line of his group. • Next attacker starts to dribble once the […]

Game Changer Scrimmage

• Each team is assigned one side line (with cone goals) and one reg. goal to defend. • Teams start by playing on goals with goalies only. • On coach’s command teams continue game on cone goals only. • Coach changes direction of play every 3-4 min. • Switch goalkeepers if necessary. NFHS Network NSCAA […]