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Fun Games

• Play without goalies. • All field players must carry a ball. • All field players must carry a ball behind their back. • All field players must have their hands clasped behind their back. • Players pair up and hold hands with their partner. • Players pair up and take their partner piggyback. NFHS […]

Four Goal Game

• Attackers defend goal with goalie and cone goals. • Defenders can score on goal with goalie or by dribbling through cone goals. • Goalkeeper can defend cone goals only with his feet and the large goal with his hands. • One point for a goal on cone goal and 3 points for a goal […]

Flank Players In Zone

• Each team defends a goal. • Each team has two attacking players in designated areas. • Defenders cannot enter designated area until flank player receives the ball. • Flank players can leave area only with the ball and must return if team loses possession. • Teams must utilise flank players in designated area before […]

Catch Up Dribble

• Dribblers attempt to dribble to the opposite side without losing their ball. • 2-3 defenders start appr. 5 yards behind everyone else as shown. • Dribbler whose ball is touched by a defender becomes a defender himself. • Last dribbler with a ball wins. • Play multiple rounds. NFHS Network NSCAA Tactical Boards  

8vs6 Possess To Finish

• Play 8v6. • Each team defends a goal. • The attacking team with 8 players can only take three touches in their defending half and two (one) touches in the attacking half. • The defending team has no restrictions. • The defending can also score by connecting five passes in a row. • Switch […]

3vs3 End Zone

• Each team defends and attacks one end zone. • Teams score by dribbling into end zone with control. • No forward passes allowed. • Scorer has to make a penalty kick to make his goal count. • If ball goes out of bounce it is dribbled back in. NFHS Network NSCAA Tactical Boards