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Setting up a training session – Soccer Training Drills

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Exercises – 3v1 Passing Warm-Up

Three players in a small box (8×8 to 10×10) possess the ball against one defender. The three attackers must always move to the corners of the box so that the player with the ball has an option to each side. Objectives: To develop movement off the ball. To improve the accuracy and weight of the […]

soccer drills 6v6+2 Possession

Recommended for U15 – Passing and receiving exercise Using a field that is separated into six grids, players are fixed to their grids and maintain possession with the help of two freely moving neutral players. The objective of this exercise is to increase speed of play, establishing a rhythm in possession, and improving ball circulation.

Soccer Drills for Kids

Players move freely with a 1:2 ball to player ratio. Players with the ball will play another player a pass over 15 yards, close the space, and defend the grass immediately behind them from the dribble. If one player succeeds on the dribble, he moves on with the ball; if the defender wins the ball, […]